Outrageous flat advert says new tenant can’t cook meat or shower in the evening

An advert for a spare room in a flat has been mocked online after the owner said the new tenant wouldn’t be able to shower at night, cook meat in the kitchen, or make any noise after 9pm

An outrageous flat advert that says the new tenant can’t cook meat or shower in the evening has been mocked online.

A picture of the advert has been shared on Reddit, and it clearly states that for a whopping £945 a month the new tenant will get just one room, and access to a kitchen.

However, they won’t be able to cook whatever they like as the owner is a vegan, so meat is off the menu – as is watching TV, playing music, or showering in the evening.

Access to Wi-Fi is an extra £50, and as the advert explains with a lot of exclamation marks, if you have guests over they must stay in the room at all times, and can’t use the bathroom.

The advert reads: “I have a room for rent. In my apartment. It is a three-bedroom.

“Rent includes one bedroom only! You will have access to the bathroom, but you must not shower after 8 pm! You may use my kitchen, you must clean up after yourself.

“You will need to provide your own toilet paper, you must provide your own soap and shampoo. You will have to buy your own food! You will not be allowed to cook meat in my house as I am a vegan!

“No music or TV will be allowed after 9.30pm.

“Rent is $1,300 a month plus $75 if you want the wi-fi. Weekly room inspections will be done to make sure you are being clean.

“No pets! I would prefer no company, but if you must have company they must stay in your room at all times! They will not be allowed to use the bathroom, this is my house – not yours. You must follow all rules!

“Contact Kate & Jim.”

After the advert was shared on Reddit people were quick to mock the post.

One said: “All that for only $1,300 a month. Oh my God, where do you sign up?”

And another added: “Kate and Jim! They can go f**k themselves! They also use far too many exclamation marks!”

While a third said: “I’m sad for anyone who is desperate enough to live here.”