I took on the Squid Game honeycomb challenge – and would have survived

Bethan Shufflebotham took on the Oatcakes and Milkshakes Honeycomb Monster challenge to see if she would survive the task as seen in Squid Game

Like most people on the planet right now, I’ve been watching Squid Game on Netflix.

The ultra-violent Korean series has been sitting at the top of the streaming sites’ charts ever since its release in September, and remains just as popular weeks on as word spreads of the horror-thriller in the run up to Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, BoohooMAN revealed a 170 per cent rise in searches for ‘red jumpsuit’, as people plan their costumes for October 31.

Earlier this week, I began watching Squid Game, which sees hundreds of contestants battle it out to win up to £30,000,000.

To earn the prize money, the participants must take part in a series of childrens’ playground games like ‘red light green light’ and the equivalent of the 90s UK game Pog.

But one challenge that’s taken the internet by storm is the dalgona challenge, which sees players attempt to cut out a shape from a piece of honeycomb candy without breaking it.

And, as with all the challenges on the show, should the player fail, they’ll pay the ultimate price – with their life.

In light of the popularity of the series, Staffordshire cafe Oatcakes and Milkshakes launched the Honeycomb Monster milkshake challenge – a terrifyingly tasty milkshake that comes with a task attached.

The cafe, in Stone, has challenged diners to take on the dalgona challenge themselves, for a stake of £10. If they can complete the challenge in under two minutes – as opposed the the 10 given to contestants in the series – then you get your money back and the milkshake is free.

I decided to have a go myself, the 25th person brave enough to order the Honeycomb Monster shake at the High Street venue.

The drink features a honeycomb milkshake with a hazelnut spread frosted glass covered in honeycomb pieces and edible shapes, topped with black ice cream and edible Squid Game characters.

As I placed my order, I was asked to pick a number between one and four, much like how the characters are asked to stand in front of a shape before the challenge is revealed.

I prayed that my number didn’t equate to the umbrella, and that I would be blessed with the far easier triangle shape.

Milkshake before me, I was presented with a circular dalgona and a large pin as the clock began to count down my two minutes.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t panicking with sweaty palms as I tried to dig through the outline with the needle – a rather feeble attempt too.

However, I didn’t give up and began to break chunks from around the edge of the circle, using the needle as an aid rather than my only hope.

The timer was ticking, and it felt like I still had a long way to go, but as I snapped off the last piece of honeycomb, I was told there were still 37 seconds remaining on the clock.

I mean, it was a pretty questionable circle, and could have done with some fine-tuning around the edges, but I had managed to cut the shape from the honeycomb without it shattering to pieces.

As I became the eighth person to complete the challenge, I won my £10 entr y fee back, and was allowed to sit back, relax and enjoy my milkshake safe in the knowledge that I would have survived that particular round of Squid Game.

Though, if the challenge had been to finish the milkshake, I would have certainly failed.