Woman hits back at trolls saying she’s a ‘real mum’ who slips up sometimes

TikTok mum Kayleigh said that she lets her children watch TV to keep them quiet and swears in front of them when she’s frustrated, but she insists that’s because she’s a real human being

A woman has hit back at internet trolls saying that she slips up sometimes and isn’t perfect – because she’s a ‘real mum’.

TikTok mum Kayleigh, @kayleighwilliams.x, uploaded a video where she lists her ‘faults’, saying that she lets her children watch TV to keep them quiet and that she swears in frustration sometimes.

She went on to say how she lets her children sleep in her bed on occasion, and that she isn’t ashamed – adding that she’s a ‘real mum’ and not a perfect social media image of a parent.

Now Kayleigh has been praised for her empowering video, as other TikTok users said that they parented in the same way and could see no problem with it.

She captioned the video “I may get comments for this” and added “I’m sorry but I am that mum who…” before going on to list her habits.

She said: “I allow screentime because I can’t be bothered with the moaning.

“Will mutter ‘f*** you’ under my breath when my toddler gets a little too big-headed.

“I’m not afraid to put people in their place when they watch my toddler have a tantrum.

“I co-slept on and off for three years because I appreciate my sleep.

“Has no idea what she is doing but flukes it daily.”

Kayleigh is a mum-of-two, with Harry and Zara, and now she’s been praised by other mums online.

One said: “Just a real mum, as mum of three boys I do every single one of these. Winging life but my boys are happy, healthy and loved, what else matters?”

One wrote: “Just a real mum, I am that mum too haha.”

A third person commented: “Bang on with every one. I never ban screens I mean, it’s not me who is meant to be punished.”