Ditzy’ mum tries to view her ‘dream home’ that turned out to be a dolls house

Jenny Tompkins, 33, thought she had found her dream home, complete with white brickwork, exposed wooden beams, and bay windows, so she tried to arrange a viewing – but she was in for a shock

A ‘ditzy’ mum tried to arrange a viewing of her ‘dream home’ – but was in for a shock as it was actually a dolls house.

Jenny Tompkins, 33, spotted the property on Facebook Marketplace and instantly fell in love with its bay windows, exposed wooden beams, and white brickwork.

She also noticed it had a big garage, which Jenny thought could be perfect for another bedroom – so she contacted the seller to ask about planning permission.

Jenny, from Bramley, Leeds, then received a return call from the bemused owner who politely pointed out that what they were selling was actually a dolls house.

Jenny, a barmaid, said: “I glanced at the picture and the house looked really pretty, really picturesque, but I was more interested in reading the description of the house. It was perfect.

“I wanted to convert the garage into an extra bedroom and I was really excited about the utility room because, with nine in the house, you can imagine the amount of washing we have to do.

“It was like my dream home. The listing just said it was open to offers, which I thought was a little bit odd, but I didn’t think anything else of it.”

When the owner called, Jenny said she felt like a ‘prize idiot’, but both saw the funny side.

She continued: “He just burst out laughing and said I’d made his and his wife’s day, particularly when I asked about planning permission.

“As a person I am quite ditzy anyway. I’m a typical blonde, but I can’t believe I got so mixed up.”

Taking to Facebook to explain her blunder, Jenny wrote: “Last night whilst lying in bed, I found a DREAM HOUSE on Facebook Marketplace.

“Five bedrooms and a garage, it even had a utility room!

“Despite it being late, I messaged the gentleman who had advertised the property enquiring about potentially viewing the house and asked if planning permission would be required to convert the garage into an extra bedroom.

“The gentleman just phoned me. I had enquired after a f***ing DOLLS HOUSE.”

Facebook users were quick to comment on the post which soon racked up 1,500 likes.

One person soon commented: “On the plus side, it would be cheap.”

Another wrote: “It is a beautiful house shame it’s for dolls.”

One friend joked: “Blimey Jen, you’re not that small!”