Man sparks debate after putting wife ‘on a budget’ to curb her spending sprees

A pair of newlyweds have found themselves in an awkward disagreement over their joint finances after a husband put his wife on a budget because of her ‘spending sprees’

Money can be a difficult subject to talk about, especially for newlyweds who have suddenly found their lives – and finances – legally combined.

But, it’s fair to say that couples probably should think about discussing their separate and joint spending before making the commitment of tying the knot.

In the not-too-distant past, it wasn’t uncommon for the man of the house to control the spending, given that in many circumstances, he would be the one to go out and earn the money while the woman of the house was considered the ‘homemaker’. These days, however, in the majority of modern households, this is a far cry from reality.

One man, who married his wife earlier this year, has sparked an interesting debate online, after he revealed he was putting his wife on a spending ban, after she spent the first seven months of their marriage on what he described as “a spending spree.”

“She’s been spending hundreds at a time on clothes, accessories, makeup and all others that fall within that ilk, little trinkets for interior design, just spending all of the time,” the 25-year-old man explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“I make an okay living and the only reason we aren’t under water is because I don’t buy anything. After running up £400 on a coat, I finally decided enough was enough. I built a spreadsheet, explained it to her, and wanted to handle things like adults. She acted like she was nodding off, struggling to stay away, she looked like a high school kid stuck in the most boring class in the school.”

The man said he was expecting the conversation to turn into a fight as he thought it was perfectly fair, but his wife argued that the budget didn’t benefit both of them and saw it was her husband “dominating and constricting” her.

He then turned to Reddit to question whether he was in the wrong an he was met with varying responses.

“How on earth did you not talk about finances before you chose to get married?” one Reddit user questioned, while another added: “I don’t think lining out a budget is a bad thing. But it should include everything. Bills, living expenses and savings. Not just a budget for her.”

A third added:” Everyone needs a budget, but this is something that should have been hammered out before you got married. There’s a reason that money is a leading cause of divorce.

“Personally, I’m a fan of yours, mine, and ours funds. Both partners get an equal monthly “allowance” to spend however they want, no questions asked. Anything else gets put into the ‘ours’ fund and that’s used for household costs. any household cost outside of normal bills over a certain amount has to be approved by both people.

“So, she can buy her £400 coat with her monthly money after she saves up. but it comes out of her money, not joint money.”